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LOCAL COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE Are you in need of assistance? Are you elderly with an underlying health problem?  Feeling isolated and lonely? Are you able to volunteer some time to help our community?

Dave and Mark at Coedpoeth Parish Hall are co-ordinating requests for assistance and offers of volunteer help on 01978 755998

The Salvation Army has someone available at the end of the 'phone, 10am - 12noon, 1pm - 4pm, Monday to Friday, to take your calls on 757469 to organise collection and delivery of prescriptions, essential items, shopping etc.



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NEWS: This local news feature will now revert to posting relevant information as and when it becomes available.

Minera Community Council is proud to announce the provision of a new, free, service throughout the 5 communities. Susanne Allcroft has been appointed the Community Agent and she will be helping to support elderly and vulnerable people by connecting them to information and services to help independent living, combat loneliness and improve quality of life.

Susanne can be contacted on 07988025604 or by email mineraagent@gmail.com or Facebook Messenger via her new Facebook Page, Minera Community Agent.

Meet Susanne and find out more by clicking here






Today the Welsh First Minister has given a stark warning to any of us who think things are returning to normal. "Coronavirus has not gone away, It remains something that kills people in Wales every day. If you don't stay on top of it you will see things going backwards. And everything we have done together thrown away."

In Wrexham, the town centre has reopened for non-essential shopping and schools are reopening from tomorrow, 29 June. Check with individual schools for their specific arrangements. 

There has been NO relaxation of the social distancing rule, which stands at 2 Metres in every instance. Until the 6th July (at least) there is a requirement to travel no further than 5 miles from home. We are still encouraged to work from home where possible, to avoid unnecessary travel, to only meet with ONE other household outdoors, to maintain social distancing and to wash hands often. If using public transport we are recommended to wear a face covering.

There is a stack of useful advice about specific situations at https://gov.wales/coronavirus-regulations-guidance


Tuesday 2 June, Wednesday 3 June and Thursday 4 June

The Welsh Government has announced that all schools in Wales will reopen on 29 June for limited periods during the week, with only a third of pupils in school at any one time. The Summer Term has been extended by one week to 27 July, and the Autumn Half Term Holiday will be stretched to two weeks. Parents who choose not to send their children to school will not be fined and pupils who fall into the shielding category will carry on with online learning. 

Sunday 28 June 

As we haven't posted for some time, we thought that a summary of where the lockdown is up to might be useful, especially as the rules for Wales differ to England. 

Saturday 30 May, Sunday 31 May and Monday 1 June

From Monday 1 June, people in Wales from two different households are able to meet outdoors. Please remember that different rules apply to England. Also on Monday, a population-wide contact tracing system is being rolled out. Anyone who has a positive coronavirus test result will be contacted and asked for details of anyone with whom they have had close contact while they have had symptoms. From Monday 8 June, contact tracing will be supported by a new online system which will give people the option to provide details of their close contacts electronically. It is, of house, vital that we all co-operate fully with this system.

Minera Community Council is now looking to co-opt 4 new councillors. If you are interested in representing your community, please see the details by clicking here



Wednesday 27 May, Thursday 28 May and Friday 29 May

Thursday evening's applause, possibly the last for now, was once again in recognition of all work done by key frontline workers. Following its meeting last week, Minera Community Council has forwarded a letter of appreciation to the Refuse and Recycling Teams for the hard work they have undertaken over the last few weeks in helping to keep our communities clean and safe. 


Saturday 23 May and Sunday 24 May

We've been doing this daily, or sometimes bi-daily, blog-type feature now for 2 months and while some things have changed hugely, the overall advice about staying at home is still in force. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have all proceeded more cautiously than England. Minera Community Council met this week, by telephone conference, and in discussion it was noted with gratitude that the community has mobilised in many, many ways, to care for neighbours, friends and family, and to help improve the quality of life during lockdown. 

There is growing evidence of a little anxiety about social distancing, with occasional complaints about people who are not observing the 2-metre rule. Distancing is, of course, particularly important in closed environments and we respect those in our community who are working indoors to provide services for all of us. Please continue to be considerate.

Once again, we should add that this feature is written by one member of MCC as a service to the community, and any views expressed may not be those of the Council as a whole.

Monday 25 May and Tuesday 26 May

Indications are beginning to appear in the national media of a soon-to-be-announced easing of some lockdown requirements relating to shopping. Please remember that these apply to ENGLAND ONLY. A statement will be made on Friday this week about how the Welsh Government will proceed and this may, or may not, be similar to England.

Thursday 21 May and Friday 22 May

The collection of Recycling and Non-Recycling Waste has been a significant issue for some residents who have missed collections. The service has seen a 5-10% increase in the amount of waste collected recently as we all clear out unwanted items. Additionally, the crews themselves have been stretched as some members have needed to self-isolate and, when a replacement crew has been found it may not be completely familiar with the area. There have also reportedly been breakdowns on some vehicles. On the other hand, the service has been touched by messages of appreciation for the key service they are providing. We are all being asked to assist the recycling collection by flattening cardboard and squashing plastics. The crews are required, for reasons of safety, to empty the contents without handling them. The fact that many have also been disinfecting bin handles is highly appreciated.

To keep the service going we are being asked to try to minimise the amount of waste we are putting out and, importantly, to ensure it is correctly sorted. As the crews are unable to handle the waste, any container with the wrong material is regarded as contaminated and will therefore be left. Please continue to be considerate to the crews who are carrying out a vital key service.

Tuesday 19 May and Wednesday 20 May

The Welsh Government has today (Wednesday) announced a substantial increase in the maximum fines for breaking lockdown rules, from £120 to £1,920. The First Minister made it clear that enforcement is very much a last resort, but that it WILL be applied where necessary, especially for persistent offence. There is concern that the need to stay local if exercising or collecting essential provisions is not recognised fully. 

Monday 18 May

Today all Chief Medical Officers have issued a statement recognising that loss of taste and smell may also be a symptom of Covid-19. Importantly, this symptom may, or may not, be accompanied by other better-known symptoms. 


“From today, all individuals should self-isolate if they develop a new continuous cough or fever or anosmia.

"Anosmia is the loss or a change in your normal sense of smell. It can also affect your sense of taste as the two are closely linked.

"We have been closely monitoring the emerging data and evidence on Covid-19 and after thorough consideration, we are now confident enough to recommend this new measure.
The individual’s household should also self-isolate for 14 days as per the current guidelines and the individual should stay at home for 7 days, or longer if they still have symptoms other than cough or loss of sense of smell or taste."

Friday 15 May, Saturday 16 May, Sunday 17 May

As predicted, when the Recycling Centres reopened on Friday long queues of cars built up and, as a result the decision was taken to close the Brymbo site pending a review of how to operate within safe parameters. It is not known when the site will reopen but the safety of everyone, users and staff alike, is the top priority.

The Bus Shelter in Gwynfryn has now taken on a new lease of life as The Village Book Exchange. A huge well done to those involved in getting it up and running, erecting shelves and everyone who is donating books and toys for exchange.

Wednesday 13 May and Thursday 14 May


A big shout out to the organisers of the two Book Exchanges that have been set up in our community - one on the path leading to Minera Quarry and one at the old bus stop in Gwynfryn. These are great examples of the strength of community spirit in our patch, the moreso because lots of people have contributed to setting them up and stocking them. Please remember to take care and exchange safely. If anyone knows of any similar scheme elsewhere, please tell us and we will publicise them. We do know of neighbours who have left out by their gates boxes of books and other items for reuse and we acknowledge the spirit in which this is done. Diolch yn Fawr.

As of Friday this week, the 3 Recycling Centres in Wrexham will reopen with the following times:

Bryn Lane – open 12noon-8pm this Friday, and then 8am-8pm daily.
Plas Madoc – open 12noon-8pm this Friday, and then 9am-8pm daily.
Brymbo – open 12noon-8pm this Friday, and then 9am-8pm daily.

Please note that there will be limited access for household waste only, and that anyone wishing to recycle must carry proof that they are resident in Wrexham. There may well be significant queues initially, so it may be worth considering holding back for a while...

Tuesday 12 May

There are a couple of changes to the website today. Following a suggestion, the links to local Facebook pages have been moved to the top of this page. Also, a search facility has been introduced. Please note that, at the moment, this will only initiate a search through the website text and not through archived Council Minutes.

Monday 11 May

To clarify the conflicting messages, in his briefing the PM, Boris Johnson, only described the revision of the rules for England. It remains the case that here in Wales we are not permitted to drive any distance we wish, and anyone driving into Wales from England is clearly subject to that rule. 

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 May

Much speculation in the press on possible easing of some aspects of lockdown, but it is very clear that most restrictions will continue for at least another 3 weeks. 


"Mr Drakeford (the First Minister for Wales)said as a result of the three-week review, the Welsh Government believed small changes to the regulations could be made.

From Monday people will be allowed to exercise more than once a day, but not to travel "a significant distance" from home.

Garden centres will be allowed to re-open, provided they can ensure the two metre social distancing rule is followed.

And councils will begin to work on plans to re-open libraries and waste centres.

The 120,000 people in the most at-risk groups, who have received official "shielding" letters, should continue to follow that advice."

Source: BBC News Online

It is worth remembering that pronouncements from the Prime Minister at the daily briefing refer to England only and that there are small but significant differences with the way in which the other 3 nations deal with the lockdown.

Friday 8 May

Four vacancies have arisen on Minera Community Council and today a statutory Public Notice has been published here, setting out the process to fill them. In summary, an election will be held if, within a minimum of 14 days, a request is made by 10 electors in the Community. If that request is received, then an election will be held on a date after 1 February 2021. If no such request is made, then the vacancies will be filled by the Community Council by co-option. Further details will be published on this website, and on Council Notice Boards. It is an excellent opportunity to represent our community and to make a difference in challenging times.

Today the First Minister for Wales has announced that the lockdown in Wales will continue for another three weeks, but some libraries, recycling centres and garden centres will be allowed to re-open and rules on exercise will be relaxed. Further details will follow. The UK PM, Boris Johnson, is due to announce on Sunday some relaxation for England but as yet it is unclear as to whether this will be the same as the announcement for Wales.



May 2020


Thursday 7 May

From this week, anyone who is on the listed of 'Shielded' people will be contacted regularly by Wrexham Council to check that they are OK. Please remember that, if you have family, friends, or neighbours who are on this list, the strictest of precautions must be applied in order to fully protect them. But please remember, too, that they are also probably finding the isolation extremely hard, especially if living alone. They are being 'shielded' because of a clinical diagnosis of significant vulnerability... 

There are many, many acts of kindness being played out daily and some are celebrated on our community's Facebook pages amongst others. One that has come to us through NextDoor Minera is the anonymous children's book exchange set up on the track to Minera Quarry. If you are using it,do so safely...


Wednesday 6 May

Spring is now definitely in full hold, and gently moving into Summer. Cold weather hasn't entirely lost its grip but where our community lives is greening up by the day. Nature knows nothing of the pandemic - if anything, dramatically lowered pollution and    higher light levels give nature a very real boost. We can all enjoy it, safely, by walking from our front doors on our permitted daily exercise.  And if, like many of our people, you have the photos to tell the story, please post them on your Facebook Page: Coedpoeth, Minera Community and Gwynfryn Village......

Tuesday 5 May

News today of another local business providing food for collection or takeaway. Taff's Cafe, in Plas Pentwyn, Coedpoeth, offers breakfasts, toasties, sandwiches, main meals, afternoon teas, cakes etc. For their menu, search on their Facebook page. 

If anyone knows of any local business offering collection or delivery services that we haven't featured so far, please let us know (and we've detailed quite a few.

And just to emphasise yesterday's post. Today, several newspapers are talking in terms of the battle against the virus being won. Statistically, the centres of contagion have, in fact, shifted. The North West of England is now a hotspot, and infections are rising in the Betsi Cadwallader Health Board area. More than ever, we must continue to take great care....

Monday 4 May

It's now 5 weeks since the lockdown was started, and the evidence overall is that the curve has been flattened and the NHS is coping, albeit it at tremendous personal cost to those on the front line. It now looks as if much of the extra capacity at the emergency hospitals may not be needed. But (and this is important for us), the fastest growth in new, identified, cases of Covid-19 in Wales is right here, in the Betsi Cadwallader Health Board Region. There may be statistical reasons for that related to reporting, but it does emphasise the predicted travel of the virus from East to West and means that we must not, for a moment, relax our guard. That's not so easy to do, while the rest of the country is beginning to talk about planning for returns, but it's worth remembering that all new cases now will have been contracted under lockdown conditions. Stay Safe.

Saturday 2 May and Sunday 3 May

A reminder that the closing date for applications for the job of Community Agent in Minera (covering all 5 communities is 7 May. Details and a downloadable Application Form can be found by clicking the Job Opportunity tab above. This is seen as a key role in our rural area, signposting people to support available for them, promoting local activities and services where necessary and liaising with organisations to ensure that more vulnerable and isolated people have access to the support provided.

Friday 1 May

There is some concern being expressed about apparent increases in the amount of traffic on the roads. There has been no relaxation of the rules of self-isolation and social distancing, and for most of us, unless travelling to please of work (where that cannot be undertaken from home) or unless acting as key workers, we should only be making journies to stock up on essential supplies. However, blood donation is an important and valid exception. When the opportunity arises locally, please consider making this vital donation.

Thursday 30 April

Cautiously, it seems that the curve in new cases of COVID-19, and the death rate, are both starting to decline. There is no doubt that this is due, in large measure, to the superb way in which people are bearing the restrictions and getting on with those aspects of their lives which they can still carry out. On a graph, the rises were sharp, but the declines will be long and drawn-out. Early vaccine trials seem promising, yet we still have a long way to go and it will take some adjustment to the "new normal".

Wednesday 29 April

New groups are announced today which are able to access testing. However, for now this applies to England only, and the media do not always make the distinction clear. The daily briefings can be a muddled mixture of UK-wide statistics and England-only responses. As we have previously highlighted, there are small differences to the rules of social distancing in Wales and it is worth checking the latest advice from Public Health Wales at https://phw.nhs.wales/topics/latest-information-on-novel-coronavirus-covid-19/

Monday 27 April

Wrexham AVOW (the association of voluntary organisations) has a list of independent retailers available for delivery across Wrexham County Borough during the pandemic. Go to https://avow.org/2020/04/08/wrexham-independent-retailers/

And well done to the (mostly) anonymous person whose art installation, a Hollywood-style 'Love NHS' logo on the Boncyn in Gwynfryn, (see above) has attracted a lot of attention.

Saturday 25 April and Sunday 26 April

Self-isolation and lockdown isn't easy. Being shielded certainly isn't, and we should all remember that not only is physical exercise vitally important, so too is our mental health. Stress and anxiety can begin to show itself in a whole range of ways, sometimes when we least expect it, and even in unexpected people.


Help is available through the Community Advice and Listening Line (CALL), a service provided by Mental Health Helpline Wales.

Contact numbers are Freefone 0800 132 737 or text 'help' to 81066: the lines are open 24/7/365. Their Covid 19 webpage can be accessed here.

CALL has some good advice:

You may need to learn new ways of doing the things you enjoy. You may need to learn new skills and find different ways to take care of your mental wellbeing.

Try finding out what might help you. These might be:

  • Calming Activities - relaxation, seeking reassurance and mindfulness practices

  • Attending to basic needs - thinking carefully about your sleep, exercise, nutrition

  • Learning to re-think - avoiding rumours, limiting media coverage, thinking in the here and now

  • Making yourself feel good - doing things that bring you joy and take your mind off your worries

Friday 24 April

Just before 8.00pm last night, someone started clapping. Within moments they were joined by others from houses all over Minera and the villages on the hill. Someone blew a hunting horn. Cars hooters joined in. Somewhere a saucepan was being beaten. Whooping and yelling topped it all. For a minute the sound rang round the hillside and the villages were joined together in a fervent expression of support for the NHS staff, for carers, for front-line workers everywhere. There are some who say that applause is cheap, and does nothing to guarantee more PPE and safeguarding for those workers. But it's also a release, a fervent expression of thanks for the sheer bravery of all these people in facing down the virus. And the best practical way we can honour their commitment is by observing the isolation and distancing rules, of looking out for each other, and by the thousands of small acts of kindness which are quietly being carried out in our community, and others, each day. Diolch yn fawr.

Tuesday 28 April

New Regulations from the Welsh Government have permitted some measured relaxation of the rules surrounding Gardens of Remembrance and therefore Pentre Bychan can be visited. Wrexham Council News states: 

"New guidelines issued by Welsh Government have allowed us to relax restrictions at our crematorium.

People can now visit the remembrance garden at Pentrebychan, which was previously closed.

Changes in legislation now allow for people to visit burial grounds or gardens of remembrance to pay respects to a loved one.

We know that many people have found the closure difficult in recent weeks, and will welcome this news.

Our gates will be open at the normal times.

Our cemeteries at Wrexham and Pandy continue to remain open.

Please adhere to social distancing when you visit the crematorium or cemetery."

Photo: Mark Wright

Thursday 23rd April

A bonus of the social distancing restrictions (OK, that's a contradiction, but bear with me) has been how the wildlife is much more noticeable, especially in the fine weather we've been experiencing. Yesterday a calling curlew wheeled overhead, and there are reports of a cuckoo somewhere near The Boncyn in Gwynfryn. Minera Quarry Nature Reserve has become a popular place to venture in the permitted exercise time but there are also reports of people driving there - perhaps local, perhaps not. The Quarry is now bursting into life but please remember the strict social distancing- at least 2 metres apart (think of an extended hand with a broom) and only 2 people from a single household together. Please observe marked paths and be vigilant. The site is not yet fully stable and there are reports of slips and holes opening up. Nevertheless, the North Wales Wildlife Trust is doing a wonderful job with the Reserve, and Minera Community Council, on behalf of residents, is proud to support it... 

Wednesday 22 April 

Prescriptions- AVOW says: "REMINDER -there are many volunteers who are collecting prescriptions but one of the biggest issues currently is the waiting times- which in some instances can be over an hour. There have been extensive discussions about boosting the Pharmacy capacity to deliver more prescriptions which have not finalised a solution. For the time being individuals seeking help should look towards a community or AVOW bank volunteer. Volunteers should take ID and a note from the person whose prescription it is then most pharmacies will hand over medication. There may be some issues with ‘Controlled Drugs’ and this needs to be arranged on a case by case basis."

Locally in Coedpoeth, Rowlands have revised hours to enable them to cope better with the dispensing of medicines. They open at 10.00 every day except Sunday (when they are closed), and close for lunch at 1.00pm. Then they are open from 2.00 - 6.00pm, except Saturdays when there is no afternoon opening. The Pharmacy on Heol Maelor is indicating opening hours from 8.30 - 6.30 daily, except Saturday when it closes at 1.00pm, and remains closed until Monday. 

Tuesday 21 April

The UK Government has introduced a minor relaxation of the rules of self-isolation for England. If stopped by the Police, you must convince them that you have a 'reasonable excuse' outside the formal guidelines to be away from home.

However, this does not apply to Wales where there are very clear guidelines about what is, and is not, permissible. The Police have powers ranging from immediate fines to arrest.

The situation in Wales remains that you must adhere to the specific reasons for leaving your home, referred to in the Welsh Government's Regulations as a reasonable excuse. They are:

  • shopping for basic necessities or supplies, for example food, medicine, and essential household maintenance, we encourage everyone to make this as infrequently as possible

  • to take one form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household

  • to visit your GP or local health services including the dentist

  • to provide care or to help a vulnerable person, this includes getting food or medicines for them

  • help the NHS by donating blood

  • to avoid injury or illness

  • travelling to and from work, but only where it is not reasonably practicable to work from home

  • to attend a funeral if you are invited by the person organising the funeral, or the carer of a person attending the funeral, although this is subject to limits on numbers who can attend, in order to ensure that 2 metre distancing can be kept.

The Welsh Government said there are potentially some other very limited reasons, including medical ones, but they all are exceptions and, even when doing these activities, you should try to minimise time spent outside of the home and ensure you are two metres apart from anyone outside of your household.

They say that these measures must be followed by everyone. Separate advice is available for individuals or households who are isolating, and for the most vulnerable who need to be shielded. Where parents do not live in the same household, children under 18 can be moved between their parents’ homes.

SOURCE: Wales Online (https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/police-clarify-only-reasons-you-18120169#source=push)

Monday 20 April

The persistence of COVID-19 is brought home by the fact that dozens of new cases were reported in Wrexham and Flintshire over the weekend. That's still relatively low in the context of the national picture, but we have to behave as if it's all around us, even in the relative calm of Minera and the villages.

Now for the good news. There are some really inspiring examples at community level of individuals and small groups who are making a difference by reaching out to neighbours, sharing shopping trips, and assisting those who are isolated and lonely. At a wider level throughout Wrexham, the response is being co-ordinated by AVOW (the collection of voluntary organisations). They have a bank of over 600 volunteers. 

The Wrexham Visor PPE Project is supported by Minera Community Council which, a couple of weeks ago, made a donation of £200 on behalf of Minera Community residents. This was for the purpose of purchasing a 3D printer and was supported by a public funding appeal. AVOW is delighted that as a result, £13,000 has been raised for the purchase of new machines and materials. The project to produce parts for visors is going on 24 hrs a day in a number of schools, and is supported by a group of 20 dedicated volunteers.

Additionally, at its meeting on Wednesday 15 April, Minera Community Council donated to AVOW, on behalf of all residents, a further £1,000 towards the Covid-19 response action. For details of the Visor Project and much more of what AVOW is doing with the donations from us and others, click here 

Saturday 18 April Sunday 19 April

Rain today, Saturday. Normally it would be a pain at the weekend, but strangely it feels welcome, despite the downpours we had for most of the winter. The weather looks set to improve again next week, so enjoy. The way the lockdown is being observed by our community is exemplary, as is the real community spirit that has been established. Goes without saying, but we must encourage each other to continue to stick to the rules and watch out for anyone (of any age) who is lonely, isolated, in need, or just scared. 

Enjoy the weekend!

Friday 17 April

Today we're pleased to announce a new Job Opportunity. We are hoping to appoint a Community Agent for Minera (including Five Crosses, Gwynfryn, New Brighton and The Wern) to support vulnerable people, isolated elderly people, and others, by putting them into contact with local services. The job requires a commitment of 16 hours per week and would suit anyone looking for a flexible employment opportunity. Full details and an Application Form can be accessed by clicking here. 

Thursday 16 April

In these times ALL frontline workers are heroes. I'm somewhat afraid of starting a list because I'll miss out one or more vital jobs. But we know who they are. The people who have selflessly continued working, or returned to work, to give patients the very best care possible, to look after the elderly and infirm and to enable the rest of us to endure this lockdown by keeping going the services that we rely so heavily on, but usually don't give a thought to. 

Today we will make an exception to honour the sad passing of ANDREW TREBLE, a retired Theatre Assistant at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, who answered the call for volunteers and returned to work but sadly contracted CV-19 which subsequently claimed his life. Tonight at 8.00pm when we go outside to applaud the NHS and Care Staff, let's make it a respectful and thoughtful one in the memory of someone most of us wouldn't have known... a local man who gave so generously, but who didn't make it through. 

Wednesday 15 April

Right now we are all relying heavily on the internet for our news and, more importantly, our social contact. It's getting us through this crisis and preventing us from going quietly insane. But the net is also awash with conspiracy theories and false information. Plus some pretty daft ideas. One that seems to be going around now is a tribute gesture in the form of sky lanterns. Please, even if you have any of these, or can get hold of them, do NOT use them. They represent a huge fire hazard and a massive choking risk for livestock and wildlife. The local police are already investigating a recent moorland fire on suspicion of arson, and the brilliant run of fine weather has produced dry conditions. 

Instead, let's continue and build on the great Thursday Night Clap (which is getting more raucous by the week!) 8.00pm tomorrow to show our appreciation for the NHS and ALL frontline workers, of which there are quite a few. Clap, yell, whoop, blow whistles, beep the car horn, play your musical instrument (no fireworks please). It matters.

Tuesday 14 April

Little new today after the Easter Weekend. Great weather, enjoy it safely and within the guidelines. Continue to look out for neighbours and friends, especially anyone you know who is shielded. Any concerns, please let us know or contact the above people.

Sunday 12 April and Monday 13 April

A Happy Easter to all our residents in the 5 communities. We wish for you, your families and your friends to be safe and secure through this hard time. To those who are bereaved, worried or just anxious through the self-isolation we send our thoughts and hopes for a better future. A lot has been sacrificed to reach this point, and the burden does not fall equally across the community. We continue to ask that we all carry on looking out for each other in the magnificent way we have been doing, with special consideration for anyone being shielded or self-isolating, elderly, ill, and anyone of any age just finding it difficult to cope. Grateful thanks go to those in our community who are in any of the frontline services, and to those volunteering in so many ways. Small acts of kindness mean a huge amount in these times. Diolch yn fawr I chi.


A couple of days ago we announced that a 3D printer has been donated by Minera Community Council on behalf of all our residents to the PPE Hub which has been set up in Wrexham schools to produce face masks for frontline workers. That, and the other printers are now working 24 hours a day but person power is also needed. If you know of anyone with experience of 3D printers, or are quick at picking up technical skills, and can donate some hours during the day, or overnight, please consider helping this vital work. Contact Cllr Phil Wynn at phil.wynn@wrexham.gov.uk


Finally for today, this page, which was started as a source of information for our residents in a rapidly-changing scene, has developed into a kind of daily blog. It is being written by one councillor (with many contributions) and (though it may come as a surprise) no items are first discussed in council. Contributions of information are very welcome and everything is shared across the Coedpoeth, Minera Community and Gwynfryn Village Facebook pages as appropriate. However, any views expressed are not necessarily those of Minera Community Council and mention of any business providing extra services at this time should not be seen as an endorsement. 




Saturday 11 April

Here is a very practical way we can all help the effort to track the progress of Covid-19. We are being asked by the Welsh Government to download the free app 'COVID Sympton Tracker' from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It has been devised by researchers at King's College, London and others and its purpose is to build a much more detailed map of the virus hotspots than is currently available. When downloaded you are asked to set up a simple password-protected account, and given a short questionnaire about your current state of health and whether you are taking certain key medications. It is, of course, voluntary, and not everyone will feel they wish to answer the questions. However, after completing the sign-in, you are simply asked to return on a daily basis and report whether you have any symptoms related to COVID-19. 1 minute daily is all it takes. Already more than 2.2million have signed up and feedback is available showing how our area compares.

It's a great practical way of supporting urgent research and those on the front-line of all occupation. Please consider joining in.

Friday 10 April

AVOW (The Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham) is fundraising for a Wrexham Hub for the production of additional face visors for front-line NHS staff and social care settings across Wrexham. Ysgol Clywedog (and other schools and colleges) are using 3D printer technology with a design approved by Bangor University to turn out parts for the visors. Minera Community Council is pleased to announce that it has been able to make a donation, on behalf of all residents in our 5 communities, to purchase an additional 3D printer. Further additional donations are sought and £10 will purchase enough materials to produce 20 visors. This can be done online at https://avow.org/donate 


3D printed visor - stock 2 (1).jpg

Cllr John Edwards, Chair of Minera Community Council commented:


"Minera CC are proud to be associated and supportive of AVOW and indeed anyone who works in a voluntary capacity from which many benefit. 


There has never been a more crucial time for your representatives to work alongside those who give up their time and putting themselves at risk to help those who are most vulnerable, while we are cursed with this highly contagious virus.


We applaud those working within the NHS and other frontline workers who continue to work to safeguard all those in their care.  We should also remember those who provide other services from the drivers who deliver to supermarkets etc and the staff who serve us.The utility companies to the bin men who ensure all our rubbish is removed and keeping us free from other possible diseases. The list is endless, but it is at times like this that we see the true heroes within our communities. God bless you all and most importantly, keep safe."

Thursday 9 April

Please be aware that the lockdown raises fresh opportunities for scammers and fraudsters and, while there is no evidence yet of widespread problems, it is best to be forewarned. In particular, please look out for elderly and vulnerable people in our community who may be at higher risk of fraud. North Wales Police and Wrexham Council have jointly issued some very helpful advice which can be accessed in ENGLISH here and WELSH here.

More local food opportunities: 

GEORGE’s PLAICE will be open Friday and Saturday this week (10th/11th), 4pm – 8pm, for PRE-ORDERS ONLY. Ring 449511. You will be given a timeslot for collection. One person only to collect per order. Cash only. Please observe social distancing outside if you have to wait. This is a trial run to see if the arrangement is workable. More info on their facebook page.

ORCHARD PIGS are offering home delivery of various packs of scrummy-looking food: meat, bread, cheese, and so on. Deliveries Tuesday – Saturday. Orders for the week-end need to be in by 2pm today. More info on their facebook page. (Thanks to the Minera and Coedpoeth Facebook pages for this info).

Wednesday 8 April

Activity on our community's Facebook pages shows a measure of concern about refuse and recycling collections.

Wrexham Council has released this guidance:

– Please clean your hands and disinfect your bag/bin/box/caddy handles before and after you touch them.
– Do not put tissues in your recycling as they can’t be recycled
– If you are self-isolating and feeling unwell please double-bag your personal waste such as tissues and put aside for 72 hours before putting out for collection

A spokesperson for Wrexham Council said: “We know that emptying your bins and recycling containers is probably the largest and the most visible service we provide to all our residents.

“Collection staff are key workers, please keep them safe to continue with their work.

“We would also like to thank you for all for the kind words and messages that have been left for our crews. Please continue to offer your support to them. It’s important and keeps morale up during these difficult times.”

Last week household recycling centres across Wrexham closed and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

The spokesperson added: “While the sites remain closed, we’re asking you to:

– Minimise the waste you create – please don’t have any ‘clear outs’ at home, or do anything else that creates extra rubbish (e.g. certain DIY projects etc). We know it’s not easy, but please try to keep your waste to a minimum.
– Put any gardening waste in your green bin as normal (we’ll keep emptying green bins for as long as we can), and store any extra gardening waste – that you can’t fit in your bin – in your garden for now. For example, if you’ve been pruning bushes, you might have to put the cuttings in a pile for now.
– Keep any other items you would normally take to the tip (old furniture, timber, electrical goods etc) at home for now – unless they’re suitable for placing in your black bin.
– Please don’t be tempted to fly-tip…please don’t leave waste at the gate or on the side of the road, or anywhere else where it shouldn’t be left.

“This is an incredibly challenging time for everyone in the UK, and our daily lives are being affected in all kinds of ways.

“But please don’t think we don’t care about how this is affecting you. We do, and we’re working as hard as we can to keep critical services going in Wrexham.”

Please remember that the people who carry out this service are key workers and are taking personal risks in doing their work. They deserve our respect and appreciation.

Tuesday 7th April

There are growing reports of the Police enforcing the strict travel rules over a wide area and certainly in Wrexham. It's there for a reason, and it's to keep us safe. 

On a completely different note, here are some recent contributions by a couple of very talented residents of our villages.

James Lacey of Dark Soul Photography produces, amongst other subjects, stunning photos of Minera and the area. His Facebook page can be accessed by clicking here.

Terry Clark-Coyne has a YouTube Channel, 'Whistle Walks'. Terry is an accomplished and well-respected player in the Celtic and folk style and his traditional tunes are set in the familiar surroundings of Minera.

If you know of other talented residents we should be celebrating, please tell us by clicking here.

Monday 6 April

Spring is definitely here, with a beautiful (if cool) day to follow the weekend. Compliance with the lockdown is fantastic here, and we should all be proud at the response from the Villages on the Hill and Coedpoeth.

We have a long, long way to go yet, but with the great local spirit of help and co-operation, we WILL make it.





Saturday 4 April and Sunday 5 April

This weekend's update is courtesy of the Admin for the Coedpoeth Facebook Page:


Bore da everyone. As we know, the weather is set fair for the week-end and whilst that is a good thing, we all know that it will inevitably tempt the irresponsible to repeat the scenes of two week-ends ago. Anyone in any doubt that the virus is spreading and ramping itself up at speed need only watch the daily 5pm BBC bulletin to be reminded that it is. To anyone intending to ignore the stay at home advice, we suggest you watch again the Chief Nursing Officer’s opening address from last night’s bulletin.

However, a big thank you and well done to us here in the Villages on the Hill for doing our absolute best to observe the lockdown and the social distancing message, and to all the local shops, pharmacies, businesses and delivery services ploughing on in very trying times to make our daily lives possible. You all deserve our gratitude and admiration.

To add to our list of food delivery services from Thursday:
Sheikh Balti House is indeed open for deliveries, on 751188.
The Spar is also offering a home delivery service. Contact 757554.

The Clerk to Coedpoeth facebook page is getting a lot more Likes and has an excellent post on it from yesterday about the growing army of volunteers helping residents across our communities who cannot get out for themselves. Thank you to everyone involved and if you want to put your name down, please check out the page. Donations to the foodbank for distribution also gratefully received by Dave at the Old Carmegie Library on 755998.

There is often much talk on here about bin collections so, paraphrased from two WCBC Public Briefiing Notes: the service is operating as best it can, with some staff off sick, and so the public is asked to be patient. Crews are working despite having the issue of not being able to sit 2metres apart in the wagons so let’s all spare a thought for them as they carry on through tricky times.

The pandemic has forced the Service to change the way it operates and donation sessions are now taking place at its regional base, Pembroke House, on the Technology Park in town. Donors who are able to give and who are fit and well are always needed.
Sessions will be held on Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th of April. For more information please click on the link. Thank you.
Travelling to blood donation is considered essential travel.

If you have any additional news for any part of the area, Coedpoeth, Minera, Wern, New Brighton, Gwynfryn, Bwlchgwyn or Five Crosses, please do post up below and we can share it with the Minera Community, Bwlchgwyn Village and Gwynfryn Village pages on facebook.

Stay well, stay safe, stay home.

Friday 3 April

We made some fantastic noise last night for the NHS, carers, and all key workers, so well done!

All Wrexham Council Recycling Centres are now closed for the protection of both workers and the public. However, waste bins and kerbside recycling are both still being taken, mostly according to the schedule. Please give the crews some leeway. They are also heroes, working in conditions where social distancing is not possible.

There are over 80,000 people across Wales who have been identified as being most at risk from the virus, and who are undertaking shielding measures, including strictly staying at home for 12 weeks. Today the Welsh Government has started to deliver food boxes directly to them, following application to Wrexham Council. Some of these people will be in our own community and will inevitably be feeling lonely and isolated. If you know of anyone in this situation, a friendly phone call will go a long way.

While we said yesterday that the Police are delighted that the community is overwhelmingly supporting the movement restrictions, please remember that they are also carrying out occasional roadside checks to ascertain the reason for journeys and to remind us of the need for only essential journeys for a small number of specific reasons, and to strictly maintain the 2 metre social distancing rule.

Thursday 2 April

It's Thursday again, so at 8.00pm we will be standing outside making a lot of noise for the NHS and Key Workers to demonstrate our support for the fantastic job they are ALL doing. It's great to hear the applause coming up the valley and echoing around.

The Police are saying that the community is overwhelmingly supporting the movement restrictions and social distancing in Wrexham, so rather than dwelling on news of the odd antisocial exception, let's give each other a distance pat on the back and the encouragement to keep going. 

Apologies, we mistakenly left out the Royal Oak Kebab House in Coedpoeth which is offering delivery of food from their takeaway menu. Details at www.royaloakkebab.co.uk

Wednesday 1 April

We're fortunate to have some great Facebook pages in our community. These are updated regularly throughout the day with a huge amount of useful information and can also be a great contact point for conversation and just keeping in touch. If you don't want everyone to see what's on your mind, private conversation is also possible. Right now there is information about food/takeaway deliveries and collections, ideas for keeping children entertained, chat about the community and much more.

So, a huge expression of appreciation to the Admins and Contributors of the Gwynfryn Community, Minera and Coedpoeth Facebook pages. To contribute to these pages (and the more who do, the better they are) you need to set up a Facebook Account. For anyone concerned about privacy you do NOT need to divulge any personal information or pictures. You do not have to use your proper name either, if you do not wish to.

Minera Community (https://www.facebook.com/Minera-Community-869950780025858/)


Coedpoeth Community (https://www.facebook.com/coedpoethcommunity/)


Gwynfryn Village (https://www.facebook.com/groups/437785027037151/)

NextDoor Minera (requires a free app download 'Nextdoor', which requests access to your location for local posts.)

Tuesday 31 March

Some news today about 2 local eateries offering deliveries or takeaway food.

The King's Head in Bwlchgwyn has takeaways available Wednesdays to Saturdays from 5pm. Deliveries in Bwichgwyn are £2 extra, phone for prices to other villages. Click here for the menu

The Copper Kettle in Coedpoeth has a Breakfast and Lunchtime Menu and delivery can be arranged. Click here for the menu, phone number and payment details.

Other outlets are available further afield and quite a few deliver in our community. Please let us know of any you have come across and we will be happy to add them here.

IMPORTANT If you are a volunteer who is collecting medicines for others, especially those being "shielded", we thank you for your assistance, There are strict distancing and safety guidelines to be observed. In particular, you must at no time come within 2 metres of the other person. If you know of any vulnerable person who has no-one to collect their medicines please let us know URGENTLY by clicking here

Monday 30 March

Letters are now being sent to people across Wales who are extremely vulnerable to developing a serious illness if they are exposed to coronavirus. Some of these people will be in our community. They are being asked to adopt 'shielding' measures to protect themselves and this includes staying at home for at least 12 weeks. Now is the time to look out for anyone you know who has received such a letter. Do not attempt to visit them as they must practise strict isolation. If you can, speak to them by phone or social media. Remind them that they must not attempt to go out for shopping or any other reason. Help is on the way and everyone on the list who does not have ready access to friends or family will be offered the delivery, from tomorrow, of regular free food parcels. 

Saturday 28 March and Sunday 29 March 

Minera Community Council is concerned that no-one in our 5 communities is left out. PLEASE, therefore, think carefully about your neighbours and other people in your street, particularly people with whom you have had little previous contact, and especially anyone who is living alone. Additionally if you know anyone who is unable to use social media to maintain contact (especially if they are living in more remote locations), we need to hear from you. 

We have heard about many individuals and small groups who are helping out in their neighbourhoods. We say thank you, please continue the good work and, in turn, we are anxious to support you. Please let us know if there are ways that you, too, need help and we will do our best to put you in contact with the growing support that is being organised throughout Wrexham. 

You can contact us by clicking here

Minera Community Facebook Page puts it well:

"Our community's response to the current health emergency has been nothing short of amazing, and we've seen the very best of what social media can do to support people in times of need. The villages and hamlets of Minera are widely spread out, though, and some members of the community who live at the fringes and/or don't have much if any access to social media could still be unaware of the support which is being so generously offered by so many. Please pause and reflect - is there anyone you think might be dealing with this alone, who one of your friends lives close to and who might know a bit more about how they're faring? We can't go door to door at the moment, but can we just maybe find that last link through the phone or a letter to bring them into the embrace of the support we are providing each other? Nobody's going to mind if they've already been contacted. All the support details - village groups, Community Council, Coedpoeth contact point and Salvation Army are all on here: pass them on where you can. Thanks so much for continuing your amazing efforts which will ensure we get through these testing times together!"

Friday 27 March

What a brilliant response to last night's clapping. We made some noise and brought the villages together!  Well done everyone! There's some talk of making this a regular Thursday night happening. Let's also spare a thought for the retired nurses and doctors who are volunteering to return to care for us. Others in the NHS, too, who are being redeployed from their normal roles into support functions. 

Finally, for today, please take care more than ever now that the strict rules of the lockdown are observed. That includes exercise walking from our front doors only. Groups of 2 from the same household only. Strict social distancing of at least 2 metres. Only leaving home for the specified purposes. These are the measures that will get us through. More tomorrow.

Thursday 26 March

Can you spare a little time to help elderly people, especially those who are housebound or with underlying medical conditions, or anyone else who is isolated, lonely and finding it difficult to cope? If so, please phone Dave and Mark on 01978 755998 to find out what the needs are in our community. 

We are hearing lots of stories of individual acts of kindness for neighbours, friends and strangers. There are initiatives in Gwynfryn, Bwlchgwyn and other communities which have been organised by concerned individuals and to them we say a very big thankyou. Please carry on doing an excellent job, and let your Council know if and when it can help in any way.

A couple of concerns which everyone needs to know about. There have been reports of scams involving, amongst other things, offers to collect cash from cashpoints. Never hand over your card and PIN. 

More people are, quite rightly, cooking food at home now. Please be very aware of increased fire risks, especially through unattended hobs and ovens.

Right now, the most important thing is to strictly observe social distancing. Keep safe.

Are you a community organisation that provides support to the community in the face of the covid crisis-19?

Project money is available for organisations providing community support services on the front line in Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham County!!

Cadwyn Clwyd has money available to support community initiatives, charities, formal community groups and public sector organisations in Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham rural areas to enable them to adapt their front line community support in context The current cases of Corona's virus which changes regularly. Up to £ 3000 is available to support eligible activities.

For more information, contact:
Adam Bishop 01490 340505 or adam.bishop@cadwynclwyd.co.uk
Donna Hughes 01490 340500 or Donna.hughes@cadwynclwyd.co.uk

This project is supported by Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham local action groups.


HOSPITAL VISITING in the Betsi Cadwalladr Board area has now been SUSPENDED with certain exceptions. For more information click here 

If you are involved in setting up local help, please read these safety guidelines: (AVOW Wrexham)

The response that is occurring in our communities to the crisis we are all facing is fantastic and everyone should be congratulated for being good neighbours. Planning now is crucial before we hit the predicted peak around Easter time.  This is giving everyone sometime to prepare. At community level there are a few things that can be done so that there is support available for our vulnerable and isolated neighbours.

General advice:

As we progress to the government’s next phase, it is important to thing locally about the crisis, below are some practical actions you can take in your community:

  • Don’t think beyond a street – the bigger the area you try and cover the more chance someone will be missed. Establish a Street Group by:

    • Identifying ‘Street Champions’ one or two individuals in each street could take on the role of ensuring everyone in the street is included in local action planning.

    • Encourage everyone to be involved and to be supported – anyone in denial about the issues should be actively encouraged to sign-up, notice who might be missing from the conversation and make every effort to include them.

    • All the Champions in the wider community should set up communication to share issues and general information.


  • Look at ways to communicate without increasing physical contact such as; a Facebook Group, WhatsApp Chat, regular Skype calls or regular telephone calls.

    • Keep your What’s App Groups for the purpose intended to communicate messages of need.

    • For people not on a mobile or internet – use a normal phone contact and designate someone in each street to ring them

    • For the few that don’t have either use good old-fashioned pen and paper – and notes through letterboxes.

Safety it is vital that everyone thinks about the safety of themselves and anyone they come into contact with when helping.

  • Do not go into people’s house if you are delivering shopping, medicines etc

  • Vulnerable people should not open their door to anyone they do not know.

  • Do Not let people into your home who is not known

  • Be very careful when giving a bank card for someone to get shopping – know the person

  • Wash your hands after every contact- do not run the risk of cross contamination

  • Personal contact should be kept to a minimum, and where possible social distancing measures should be put in place.

Practical steps

  • Ensure anyone using a vehicle keeps their fuel topped up as much as possible

  • Food – supplies at present are still flowing but stocking up extras that are dried and tinned food

  • If you are making a meal think if you can do an extra meal and take it to an isolated neighbour

Emotional support

At a time of crisis there will be people who will become emotionally upset with what is going on and the lack of contact with friends and relatives will increase the upset. If there are neighbours known not to have relatives, you could arrange for someone to contact them and speak to the person at least twice a day.

Contact with others is crucial to help people feel they are not isolated.

To support other people everyone within a family should try to talk about issues when they arise – do not bottle up anything.

There will be further updates about emotional support in the community available at www.avow.org or our social media channels.

Volunteering to Support Service Providers

Community volunteers required over the coming weeks to support the public services. This register is
These roles will be dependent upon local requirements and in relation to the current Covid19 situation and as it develops.
All skills and experience will be considered.

If you are interested in volunteering in the local area please register your interest at: https://bit.ly/2QgCtfd 

Wednesday 25 March

Very little to add today. Just to say that we are only a couple of days into this virtual lockdown so we must resolve to see it through. Good news is that it's a lovely warm day to make the most of during our permitted outside exercise (social distancing observed, of course). 

Let's also show appreciation to our neighbours and friends and anyone who shows kindness. One of the amazing things about the UK is the way in which people rise to the occasion in a vast number of volunteer roles when needed. Yesterday, the Government recruited the needed quarter of a million NHS volunteers in just 24 hours.

Let's also recognise local acts of kindness. By now, many people in Gwynfryn will have received a contact card, printed at the initiative of a concerned local resident. Well done and thank you, you know who you are... There must be similar examples in the other Villages on the Hill communities so please let us know so we can thank them too. Minera Community Council is here to help and can be contacted via these pages. We are liaising very closely with Coedpoeth to ensure that no-one is left out.

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Minera Community and Coedpoeth Facebook pages put it succintly:

Clearly the main news for today is what the PM said last night in his address.Things have changed for all of us now. The basic rules are these:







And of course, whenever you do any of these trips,
It was clear from the address that these were not guidelines, but instructions.These restrictions will be reviewed in three weeks.

In addition: all non-essential shops will be closed.

All parks, play areas and MUGAs are closed.
George’s Plaice has taken the decision to close from 8pm tonight. See their facebook page for details.

Dragon Dinners are running their usual contactless doorstep delivery service. They run a four-week rolling menu so please visit their facebook page for more information and all the details you will need.

If you are unsure how to get help with your prescriptions, please contact your pharmacy.
Numark 757249
McVeigh’s 757367

This bulletin is short because we don’t want to detract from the main message of STAY AT HOME, but also because the Community Councils and support organisations need time to digest the implications and requirements of the Government’s instructions, particularly with reference to things like volunteering, donations etc.
We hope to post up further information on this subject between 1pm – 2pm so if you have donations for the Parish Hall, PLEASE WAIT until that bulletin has appeared.

Thank you all. It is going to be a trying few weeks but way way better than the alternative. We will get through it, villages together.

Afternoon Update (appreciation to the Admins of Coedpoeth, Minera and Gwynfryn Village Facebook Pages):

Coedpoeth Snooker Hall is closed.
Old Carnegie Library remains open to accept drop-offs of donations (observe social distancing) between these times:
10am - 4pm Monday to Friday
10am - 12noon Saturday
The current system is working well with Dave and Mark and The Salvation Army liaising extensively and regularly about help for anyone requiring it, including help getting shopping and prescriptions, and people wanting to volunteer. Arthur, Coedpoeth's Community Agent, and Coedpoeth Befrienders, are heavily involved in this team too.
It may be that at some point in the future volunteers are needed to field calls but let's cross that bridge when we get to it.
Dave and Mark are on 755998.
Salvation Army is on 757469.

All parks and play areas are now closed and gates are being secured. WCBC will be putting up signs to this effect. Local police have confirmed that they will be challenging and potentially fining anyone contravening the restrictions.

All places of worship are closed as per the PM's instruction in the broadcast last night.

Monday 23 March 2020

We are trying to do 2 things via this website. 

Firstly, we want to be an additional source of trusted official information. We will not engage in gossip, hearsay and unofficial information about Coronavirus. There is a huge amount of speculation and false stories circulating on the internet. The official information we use comes from NHS Wales, NHS 111 and Wrexham Council. Latest bulletins can be accessed from our Coronavirus Covid-19 page which can be accessed by clicking here.

Secondly, we want to bring news about local initiatives and to highlight and celebrate the concern and community spirit being shown by so many in our neighbourhoods. Thank you to each and every one.

I cannot recommend too highly the Facebook pages listed below that reflect the level of community involvement and provide a platform for messaging each other as social isolation increasingly kicks in. 

Please also spare a thought and give appreciation to posties, bin collectors, delivery drivers and anyone else coming to our houses. None of them will be offended when you keep your distance.  Also, words of appreciation to those keeping open stores and shops, some of whom are coming under severe pressure from frustrated shoppers. AND, of course, whenever possible, words of appreciation for NHS staff in any, and all, roles...

From today some 70,000 people in Wales deemed to be at high risk from the virus will start to receive letters in the post. These will contain instructions for shielding for at least 12 weeks and arrangements being introduced to support them. 

Finally, for now, something a little lighter for anyone on Facebook. Côr-ona (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2480292725565349/) has 29,000 members and is growing rapidly. As the name suggests, it's Welsh, it's an online virtual choir, with members singing for each other. Why not contribute?

Sunday 22 March 2020

Lots of news today, plus a plea for help.

Local businesses are quick to adapt and help the community get through this.

Cottage Cars in Coedpoeth is offering a shopping service/prescription collection for any customers who can't get out. Also a food delivery service from any outlets not currently delivering. They accept card/contactless payment. 01978 759602. Same from Yellow Cabs Wrexham ('Tap the App') on 

From Bick's Chicks: 

As of tomorrow we will be doing AM or PM home delivery’s of our 3x different Meat Essentials Boxes.

Delivery’s will be for the general public on Monday, Wednesday and Friday AM or PM you decide.

We will have Tuesday and Thursdays AM or PM delivery’s exclusive for NHS staff only...we have arranged a drop off point at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital for all staff finishing there shifts so that they can just collect from this point. (details with order confirmation)

We will deliver to any other NHS sites in the Wrexham area also on Tuesdays and Thursdays AM or PM.

You can order by phone 📞
Mon-Friday 6am-4pm payment can be made over the phone 01978 661 336

We will accept cash payment on delivery also.

You can pre order on email 📧orders.bickschicks@gmail.com (please leave contact details for delivery and payment)

Well done The Crown Hotel Llandegla which reported selling 62 takeaway roast dinners this weekend. They are also doing pizza deliveries and other food offers within a 5 mile radius.

Details at https://www.facebook.com/CrownLlandegla/posts/2783583611707990

If you know of any other business that deserves a mention, please tell us.

And a plea for help. Elaine Edwards in Gwynfryn is co-ordinating volunteers to assist with shopping for elderly people in  isolation and would like to hear from anyone who can assist with that, and with distributing cards. Contact Elaine through the Gwynfryn Village Facebook Page: (https://www.facebook.com/groups/437785027037151/)

Saturday  21 March 2020


(From Coedpoeth Facebook Page)

First of all, thank you for offering to help our elderly and vulnerable residents, and for coming together at such a difficult time to make life better for everyone.

Volunteer effort is being funnelled through Dave and Mark at the Parish Hall on 755998, 8.30am - 9.30pm, Monday to Friday, so please do make contact with them with your offers of help.

Also, any donations that you can make of essential items, such as tinned, dried or packet food, toiletries, pet food, etc. will be gratefully received and stored by Mark and Dave until needed. Divine Hair and Beauty 2 in Heol Celyn is providing a useful collection point for donations of food, toilet rolls, toiletries etc.

If you have other skills, AVOW in Wrexham is co-ordinating offers of volunteer help:

Volunteers Wanted

Beside all the volunteers that are coming forward to help at street level there are many 100’s that are needed to support a variety of services across Health and Care- AVOW are creating the Covid19 Volunteer Bank – we will be matching people to the opportunities as they are available over the next few weeks. There is a ned s for drivers, people with DBS, childcare workers, befrienders, counsellors (need qualified), administrators- virtually anyone with any time to offer. People can sign up https://bit.ly/2QgCtfd




Minera Community (https://www.facebook.com/Minera-Community-869950780025858/)


Coedpoeth Community (https://www.facebook.com/coedpoethcommunity/)


Gwynfryn Village (https://www.facebook.com/groups/437785027037151/)

NextDoor Minera (requires a free app download 'Nextdoor', which requests access to your location for local posts.)

Your Council can be contacted by clicking here (opens an additional page)